About EBC's Administration and Compliance Service

ACS is a fully encrypted web-based application that will allow employers to track and maintain employee 403(b)/457(b) contributions, contribution limits, transfers, loan applications, loan repayments, catch-up provision, and hardship withdrawals.

EBC currently submits contribution data and funds to over 40 vendors. Our common remitter service is fast and effective. The whole process of uploading payroll information, reconciling, printing and posting should take your payroll administrator no more than 9 minutes. EBC staff is also available to employers and employees to answer compliance and administrative questions as they arise.

The following is a list of documents and features that are available through the ACS:

  • Plan Document
  • Information Sharing Agreement
  • Universal Vendor Agreement
  • Employer Access to ACS website
  • Common Remitter
  • Contribution Limit Chart
  • Salary Reduction Agreement
  • Vendor List
  • Universal Availability Notice
  • Employee Contribution Reports

Employer Access to ACS website

Your payroll person logs into our encrypted website and uploads a file containing contribution information exported from your payroll system. This is then instantly available to you for reconciling to your internal reports. This information allows us to submit funds, and accounting detail, to your appropriate vendors. In addition, you have data entry screens available for tracking loans, hardship withdrawals, exchanges, and transfers. Data entered has the applicable rules applied to it. For example, if an employee is approved for a hardship withdrawal the system will not let the employee contribute to a 403(b) Plan until the 6 months have elapsed from the withdrawal. EBC will provide ongoing technical support and training for the ACS.