Why ACT?

The ACA has many administrative and reporting requirements that if not understood and managed properly could result in an employer paying substantial penalties. The ACA requires that an "Applicable Large Employer" (ALE) offer insurance coverage to 95% of its "full time" (full time as defined in the Affordable Care Act) employees. The insurance has to meet minimum essential coverage (MEC) requirements, provide minimum value (MV) and be affordable.

What does ACT do?

The ACT system is built to accept payroll files in a number of different formats. Benefits of the ACT system include:

  • Customization for K-12 environment
  • Automated solutions to address complicated and ongoing requirements
  • Software updates as laws change
  • Cost savings (add software solution, not staff)
  • Provides equivalency standards for non-hourly and non-salaried employees
  • Monitor variable hour employees to ensure that if they meet the ACA definition of full-time, they receive a timely offer of insurance
  • Average employee hours over employment break when required
  • Manage the rehire and parity rules
  • Ongoing consulting services from EBC
  • Audit support
  • 1095C Printing and IRS Submission

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