What is a 125 Flex Plan?

A Flex Plan is an employer-sponsored benefit that allows employees to be reimbursed for certain expenses tax-free. Employees save federal, state, social security and Medicare taxes on those dollar amounts, thus increasing their take-home pay. Flex Plans are part of the Internal Revenue Code, section 125, and are designed to give employees the opportunity to pay for certain eligible living expenses with tax-free dollars. Before a Plan Year begins employees elect to have a certain amount of their salary designated as tax-free. These tax-free election amounts are to be used for eligible expenses in the Flex Plan. Employers also benefit by providing a Flex Plan because they do not have to pay FICA (7.65%) on employees' Flex election amounts.

Educational Services

Group and Individual Employee Education

Flex Plans are, by nature, intimidating and complicated. And, a flex plan is a meaningful benefit to employees only if it is clearly communicated so employees know how to best utilize it. Our exceptional instructors make the difference. These dedicated professionals are outstanding presenters, trained and experienced in Section 125.

We utilize a combination of group and individual meetings to educate your employees. Upon completion of our education process, employees understand how the program can benefit them personally.

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